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General Consulting Switzerland GmbH is a versatile organisation with a portfolio of quality assets managed by a highly experienced team with excellent technical, commercial and financial skills. The Company has producing assets in Gold trading.

The Company has producing assets in Gold trading.

  • Creating economic solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Helping customers achieve sustainable financial futures in a changed landscape.
  • Anticipating the big shifts of demographic and cultural change and their impact on our workplace and customers.
  • Our approach seeks to make sustainability part of the way we do business, embedded in our values, culture and processes.

Registered in 2010, our vision is to become one of the world’s largest finance companies, helping our customers prosper and achieve great result in commodity trading.

Our strategy seeks to deliver on this vision by providing superior returns for our shareholders, building deep and enduring customer relationships. In delivering on our strategy we are focused on our core markets of Europe, Asia, South America and USA, where we provide a comprehensive range of financial products and services that assist us in meeting all the financial needs of our customers.

With our strong position in these markets, and over 28 million traders, we focus on serious traders seeking for trade finance. Growing customer numbers in our chosen segments and building stronger and deeper customer relationships is our main goal.

A key element of this approach is our portfolio of Gold trading, and financial services brands which enables us to appeal to a broader range of customers, and provides us with the strategic flexibility to offer solutions that better meet individual customer needs.

In implementing this strategy, we seek to grow customer numbers in chosen segments and increase the number of products per customer with a specific focus on deposits, wealth and insurance cross sell.

At General Consulting Switzerland GmbH, we make a brighter path in every community we serve and every relationship we share. We help businesses make better financial futures and help them prepare for the unexpected. We have been building a strong reputation on solid management, sound decisions and consumer confidence from the beginning. We accomplish our goals by being one of the worlds leading financial companies providing Bank Guarantee (BG) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), investments, wealth protection and trade lines. We have our finance with AAA Rated banks such as Deutsche Bank , Credit Suisse AG Switzerland, Zürcher Kantonalbank Switzerland and HSBC Bank London

The CEO is a leader in his industry, He has grown the success of his firm since 2010 on his consistent focus on up-to-date knowledge in financial planning and honest relationship building. He’s the President and Account Executive for General Consulting Switzerland GmbH, advising a select group of high net worth individuals, families and organizations. He is also part of a top-level group of Switzerland wealth management leaders who meet semi-annually to discuss best practices and ensure the businesses their companies serve are getting the highest quality knowledge.