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Experienced Financial Consultants Providing On-Time Capital Solutions and Prime Instrument For Every Industry At General Consulting Switzerland GmbH, our staff and upper management team is comprised of Current and Former UK/European Top-10 Bank Officers, Hedge Fund Managers, and Financial Deputies – Offering our clients an abundance of uniquely strategic banking services and lucrative financial tools. ​Being debt free since 2010, General Consulting Switzerland GmbH has a winning track record, strong financial backing, and the proven ability to fund your project fast! We work hand in hand with top private equity firms to offer Bank Guarantee and Stand-By Letter Of Credit, monetization services, and trading platforms, to help infuse your project with the capital it needs to be viable within your industry in a competitive global economy.

Because of our low costs and outstanding customer service, we are the only privately owned Standby Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees Provider/Private Equity Firm in the Switzerland that has been successfully funding projects for 7 Years. And because of our generous commission structure, we are still the #1 choice of financial brokers from around the globe. Either your project requires an instrument lease or purchase, Credit line activation, or an infusion of capital, we are the world’s #1 provider of Fresh Cut Standby Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees from Top Rated Banks. We have our finance with AAA Rated banks such as Deutsche Bank , Credit Suisse AG Switzerland, Zürcher Kantonalbank Switzerland and HSBC Bank London